Friday, October 28, 2011

What do you want...a badge or something?

Girl Scout Troop 2059.
Not a match.
If it were 1973 and you were to look at my older sisters' Girl Scout sashes then compare those to mine, you would have to laugh. While theirs had many badges sewn meticulously-row after row, I believe mine had a total of 3 badges dangling from the fabric. Cooking, music, and camping- those are the only ones that made it to the sash.
Yes, I had more badges, but once I earned them, I put them into my pocket, into a drawer, or into a book. The badges did not motivate me much....cookies-yes...badges-no.
But wait.
Apparently, they have added some newer and groovier Girl Scout badge choices. These include badges geared towards computer knowledge, marketing, product design, chemistry, and even happiness....very sophisticated stuff.
This makes me wonder how awesome it could be if we adults could earn badges. I'm finally ready to take this badge business to heart.
Do we ever stop learning, growing, or evolving? I think not.
There are some skills and truths for which I would like a badge...
Self-Service Grocery Check Out (I'm oddly very proud of myself when I do this correctly.) Badge please.
Comfortable Shoes (Buying shoes that I can actually wear instead of stare at on my closet floor.)
Badge please.
Change of Life (Doesn't need explanation)
Badge please.
Skinny body ( Realization it won't ever happen)
Badge please
Dessert (Yes, I order it.)
Badge please.
Messy Bathroom (Embracing it.)
Badge please.
Cooking Rarely (With no guilt.)
Badge please.
Unmatched Socks (Boot season- why bother matching?)
Badge please.
Just because we are older, doesn't mean we should stop rewarding ourselves for the new skills and talents we master.
Older means smarter, better, and stronger.
I'm not cranky....I'm reflective.
I'm not moody...I'm creative.
I'm not flaky...I'm easy-going.
These aren't wrinkles...They are character lines.
Making up stuff
Badge please.
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Terra said...

Sometimes just getting out of bed deserves a badge if you ask me! I love this post and I love some of the realizations you have come too...embracing the messy bathroom...I get that!

Barb, sfo said...

Ha ha ha! I am a mom of an Eagle Scout and I've always said that the boys should get a merit badge for learning to sew on their own merit badges.
I'd like badges for Singing in the Car, Concealing Road Rage in Front of the Kids, and Cooking on the Fly. And let's not forget Embarrassing the Kids.

Lisa said...

Oh goodness -- LOVE this post!
"I'm not cranky....I'm reflective. I'm not moody...I'm creative. I'm not flaky...I'm easy-going." This needs to be embroidered on a pillow or something. :)

Bia said...

out to lunch w/ gals and i'm the only one not ordering salad ...
badge, please!

confident enough to go to the movies alone ...
badge, please!

embracing curves ...
badge, please!

winning the battle over that chin hair ...
badge, please!