Sunday, December 4, 2011

Piece on Peace

In a nearby neighborhood a rooster was apprehended by animal control last week because, according to an official report, it was disturbing the peace.
Disturbing the peace.
We don't hear much about disturbing the peace these days do we? I heard the phrase on TV shows a lot while growing up. If I recall correctly, Barney Fife threatened to arrest people for disturbing the peace and I think The Monkees may have been jailed for peace infractions at one point as well.
But in 2011?
Not so much.
Perhaps we don't revere peace as much as we used to.
In fact, I feel that the message is more about being tolerant of others who make noise: talking on their cell phones in elevators, playing their ipods at ear-splitting levels on the subway, or raising a ruckus in restaurant dining rooms. If you ask someone to please be quiet, you run the risk of hearing how you need to chill out, to try decaf, or to get a life.
I believe we need to emphasize our need for peace just a little bit more, especially this time of year. With the noise of holiday commercials and blaring Christmas music in our midst, the quest for quiet is a challenging one. This year I submit that we deem it an advent priority by making deliberate plans to have moments of calm amid the surrounding cacophony.
Have your peace and calm with a cup of herbal tea.
Wake up a bit earlier and enjoy it with the sunrise.
Walk into a church in the middle of the day and keep company with it in a pew.
Peace, quiet, and calm.
Help yourself to some this season....and don't let anyone disturb it.
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Lisa said...

Our pastor preaches on finding time and space for "lack of noise" in order to find inner peace and hear the voice of God. Amazing how much stress just dissipates when we just turn off all the electronic devices in our house! But, a rooster disturbing the peace? Seriously? I love the sound of a rooster!