Monday, January 16, 2012

Simple Mentor Teacher Advice

On occasion, I play a mentor role in the school.
However, though I've been teaching for 25 years now, sometimes I, myself, can still become overwhelmed with the responsibilities that my job entails.
Recently, I approached a much-admired co-worker who has been teaching for over 30 years. For the 10 years I have worked with her, I have never seen her in a bad mood, and she always has a pleasant sense of calm about her.
How does she do it?
I wanted to know this from her, in particular, because there are few teachers whom I know that have been teaching for more than 30 years and aren't complainers.
Her advice was simple.
She told me that the reason she maintains her calm and positive attitude is because she makes a deliberate effort to stay connected to her spiritual life on a daily basis. By doing so she is able to keep her perspective on school issues and to manage her priorities in her personal life.
Don't you love those moments when someone offers clear, simple advice?
We should carefully consider taking time for daily spiritual connection... as necessary as oxygen.
Without healthy amounts, we find ourselves struggling and weak.
With it, we can have energy, direction, and clarity.
Easy as prayer.
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Terra said...

taking a deep breath and wishing that for all of us

Barb, sfo said...

There is a LOT of truth in that. You're blessed to have a coworker who can articulate her "secret to success."

MissJean said...

As usual, I blog and then I come here and realize I shouldn't be blogging. I am completely fried out this Lent because I'm spending so many hours at school and not spending enough time with the Lord. :)

Lisa said...

How did I miss this post? Your lesson is perfectly beautiful in its simplicity -- and so true for all walks of life. Though I totally understand how other priorities (like youve said here) trump blogging, I do miss your posts! Blessings, Laura! Hope all is well with you!

dj said...

Wow! And I bet she's a great teacher!

TJ urdick said...

Great teachers have a tremendous talent to get their point across in very simple ways. Thank you for this, it came at a great time in my teaching career.