Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jesus Calling....So Pick up.

Around Christmas, my young cousin handed me a neatly wrapped little package and said that she hoped that I would enjoy the book; it happened to be her favorite daily devotional titled Jesus Calling. More than anything I appreciated the sweetness of her gesture, especially considering the tight budget under which she lives. Eventually, I knew I would get around to reading through it, but I definitely did not rush. However, when Lent came, I decided to make a point of taking time out each morning to read a page each day.
It's simple. It's clear. It's beautiful.
Now, I find that Jesus Calling is everywhere.
When a co-worker was stressing about new responsibilities, I mentioned that she might want to buy this book.
She already had it...said that she depended on the words to help her survive the transition.
When my sister was anxious about the changes in her family dynamic looming on the horizon, I mentioned that she also may want the support of Jesus Calling. 
She had it downloaded on her phone.
Another co-worker reads the book everyday as well...the way one might digest a morning vitamin.
Recently, one of our lovely Catholic sisters at school seemed as though she would enjoy a boost, so I bought the book for her as a small gesture of appreciation. After she opened the package, she kept it in her work room for others to enjoy.
One of the building managers came to her this morning.
He heard she had a book.
He shared the fact that he needed a little spiritual lifting because his son is going to be deported soon.
Sister gave him the copy right then and there.
In my opinion, that is what Jesus Calling is pass on to others and....
To let the reader feel a sense of encouragement each day.
To let the reader know that he/she is not alone.
To let the reader find peace even in the midst of confusion.
Jesus Calling.
I'm very glad I picked up.

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Bia said...

I don't know what it is about this book, but it's EVERYWHERE! Our Bible Study leader gave all of us facilitators one; I was interviewing an 88 year old woman yesterday and she mentioned it; even a waitress at Cracker Barrel says she has a copy.

Jesus is calling, we just need to answer.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Laura, we have two of these books and they have helped us to get through some very tough times in life. Jesus loves us and wants us to walk with him each day and to be still and know he is there.


Diana Jenkins said...

Thanks for sharing. Gotta get it!

Terrell said...

This is cool!